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My Homepage Project

Instructional Video - 2nd try, a little more conscise.

Instructional Video - First try... sensory overload.

Years and years ago I built a homepage designed with all the features I want available as soon as I open a browser window. Over time as technology evolved, my custom homepage began to fall apart across the various browsers until all I could use it with was Internet Explorer. Oh the horror!

Finally I said, "enough!" and began what I knew would be a time consuming project; rebuilding my beloved homepage. Of course every last detail was a meticulous, pain staking endeavor but I emerged with something I was proud of. So proud in fact that I decided to make it available to everyone.

MyScreenScene does not try to be all things to all people. It was designed by me for me. I only need the facts ma'am. Save the weather, Twitter and news feeds for another page.

After you Register an account click on the link at the top, "Edit Mode" and start styling this to suit your needs. Once finished click on "Home" and all your changes will be saved. Make as many changes as often as you'd like. Your page will always be available as you left it.